Building Confidence

Helping children and adults  reach their full potential


My speaking seminar focuses on giving children and young adults a holistic approach to better their minds and bodies to be successful in achieving their goals. Once my talks to the students are over, I still would like to continue correspondence thru social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to continue to assist students with motivation and positive quotes. I am well aware that there are other motivational speakers out there, but I believe I have a unique background and delivery method that will engage students with humor and straight talk that I am sure they will appreciate and resonate with. I am a veteran of the United States Army. My educational background consists of an associates in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts degree along with a Master of Science degree. For customers interested in information pertaining to corporate event speeches please click on the About Us at the top of the page. Vision-working is a company that I created that centers on the bio-chemistry impact on one’s behavior and mental state. The classic motivational speaker tends to focus on empowerment and self-motivation while leaving out the important of taking care of your body thru nutritional supplementation and positive thinking.